Client Services
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The firm has a diversified practice, both as to the kinds of services rendered and types and sizes of businesses serviced. Our clientele encompasses a varied spectrum: manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, professionals, service businesses, tax exempt organizations, etc. Our services include the following:

  • Audits - Audits are performed throughout the year resulting in the expressions of opinions on the financial statements;

  • Accounting Compilation and Review Services - A portion of the firm’s work consists of monthly or quarterly accounting services resulting in the issuance of compilation or review level financial statements. These statements are issued at interim periods as well as at the client’s year-end. In most cases, these statements are discussed with the client and suggestions and guidelines are offered to enable the client to conduct their business in a more profitable and efficient manner.

  • Tax Services - The firm helps the clients prepare necessary payroll, sales tax and miscellaneous other tax returns. The firm also prepares business tax returns for many of its clients - corporations, partnerships, estates and fiduciaries. The firm also prepares a substantial number of individual income tax returns for "once-a-year" clients as well as for regular clients. In addition to the firm keeping all of their clients up to date on the latest tax law changes, they perform tax planning for their clients throughout the year.

  • Write-Up Services - The firm does write-up work including the preparation of books of original entry and posting of ledgers.

  • Management Advisory Services - The firm assist clients with Corporate acquisitions, preparation of forecasts and projections, cash flow planning, tax planning, and assistance in obtaining loans. The firm also performs "systems" work and aids clients with computer selection and related advice.


The firm is completely computerized and is constantly updating its equipment and programs to provide clients and staff with the highest level of support available.